As a Confidence Coach & Facilitator, Kim Ludeman doesn’t just help women feel good. 

With more than 10 years of health & fitness experience, she's obsessed with creating lasting change. Kim gets her clients to stop hiding and live the life they WANT rather than one they think they SHOULD (she also created and hosts her own podcast, coordinates a private Facebook group, and offers individual and group coaching under her company Captivatingly Confident).

Kim utilizes a  blend of Personal Styling, Nutrition Guidance, Mindset Coaching, and Personal Training to help women reveal their radiance.

Kim found a passion for helping women stop hiding after losing her mom to cancer when Kim was 19. Her message of body and self-acceptance has moved thousands of women into taking a more loving approach to their bodies and hearts.

She lives in Portland, OR with her husband, Tim. Off hours Kim can usually be found hiking with their 4-year-old Louis and obsessing over all varieties of mustard.

We were all created with the desire to be captivating.
To feel like we inspire, dazzle, enchant and project confidence.
It’s how we are created. 
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I learned early on in life what it meant to hide and make yourself less.

My mother unintentionally modeled destructive behaviors like overworking, sugar addiction, high stress and hiding your needs. I loved her dearly and had no idea how much her struggles would become my own. I grew up hearing that I was TOO MUCH and that I needed to take up less space in every way.

When I was just 19, my mom (44) passed away from cancer after battling for two years.  The doctors who treated her said lack of movement, poor food choices and high stress level had probably caused the fast growing cancer to take over.  I knew then that I needed to do things differently…..but how???

The summer my mom was diagnosed (age 18)

The summer my mom was diagnosed (age 18)

3 Months before she passed away

3 Months before she passed away

That's when my confidence journey began

I knew there had to be more to life than taking up less space and struggling to figure out what health and confidence looked like. I didn’t want to HIDE like my mom. I wanted to be SEEN for who I truly was. I began confronting my unhealthy habits like disordered eating, sugar addiction and binge eating.

I got help processing the grief of losing my family and uncovering who I truly was underneath all the SHOULDS I had been living by. I found I had a passion for movement and health and helping others. I spent a decade learning, practicing and focusing in on how I could help women stop hiding and embrace their true self in the gym and through online coaching through Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching.

I took a break from the gym when my son was born and dove into helping women find confidence through their clothes by being a LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer. While honing my personal styling skills, I also worked with clients and created my own company, Captivatingly Confident. I am passionate about helping women be the heroine in their own story. Nothing excites me more than seeing a woman embrace her true self and to be herself bravely!

I want to spend my life helping women see their potential and how much they have to offer themselves, their family and the world!! Don’t do what my mom did- don’t avoid being in pictures or hide your needs. Be Seen, dear one. Be cherished and celebrated for who you truly ARE.

I am married to a professional counselor named Tim and have an incredible 4 year old son named Louis. We live in Portland, Oregon where you can find me hiking in the Gorge or cooking in the kitchen. I love spending time with my family and friends and being active.

I have a strange affinity for mustard and an undying love for thrift store shopping. Give me a cup of Bulletproof Coffee and a foot rub and I am a happy lady.

2 weeks before she passed

2 weeks before she passed

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