We were all created with the desire to be captivating.
To feel like we inspire, dazzle, enchant and project confidence.
It’s how we are wired. 

But somewhere along the way life happened.
Maybe it was a rough childhood. Maybe your friends or family made you feel like you were too much or not enough.
Somewhere along the way, you learned to live life by the “shoulds” rather than feel empowered about the choices you make. 

If this is you, then you are in the right place!

My name is Kim Ludeman, and I am a Confidence Connoisseur.
I have spent over a decade in the health and fitness industry watching women struggle needlessly,
and that struggle ends today! 

You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.
Don’t let another day go by where you feel discouraged and conflicted.

Let me help you feel Captivatingly Confident! 

Take advantage of my complimentary Clarity Call to find out which path is right for you.
This 15-minute call will help you decide if a group experience or individual work would be most beneficial. 


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I was not a super active kid, and I had a raging sweet tooth.  Both my mom and I struggled with weight.  She often hid her body in baggy clothing, and I subconsciously learned what it looked like to be ashamed of your body.

My mom passed away from cancer after battling for one year.  The doctors who treated her said lack of movement, poor food choices (here’s looking at you Costco rotisserie chicken) and stress killed her.  
Needless to say, it changed my whole life.

That's when my confidence journey began

I knew there had to be more to life than this.
It has been another five years of health and mindset coaching on my own and with Rebooted Body.  All that coaching has made me a Confidence Connoisseur. 

My experience as a woman is that we are WAY too hard on ourselves and that MUST CHANGE!

If you struggle with loving what you see in the mirror,

you need a Confidence Connoisseur!

Someone to ask you hard questions and help you find YOUR truth when it comes to what you eat and how you move.

No more programs. No more diets.

Captivatingly Confident About Kim Ludeman

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