Make Peace with Your Pooch


99.9% of the females in the world have them (we won't even talk about the ones a lot of men have). They are the subject of our criticism, critique and loathing. We try to hide them with flowy shirts and dresses and high waisted jeans. We hate they way they jiggle and squish. Some are marked with lines, some are stretched and some bear scars. 

I am of course talking about our stomaches. The center of our bodies. The epicenter for amazing processes like digestion, nutrient absorption and carrying children. The place where our most precious organs are stored. The place we often hate the most. 

We use words like flabby, bloated, distended, squishy, jiggly, saggy and soft to describe it. We dream of a flat, hard chiseled surface that doesn't shake when we walk. We think eating less and moving more is the answer to getting a 6 pack. We think we just aren't trying hard enough. Maybe if we tried harder and had better willpower, we could have what our hearts desire most. 

Friends, I am here to say that it is HARD to get a flat stomach!! It take SO much EFFORT alllllll the time! Each persons nutritional needs differ, but it is true that you need to avoid carbs (including fruit and even some veggies, mind you), manage stress and work out- A LOT! It takes time, consistency and major dedication to having a flat stomach. Getting may not be so hard, but sustaining is the real issue here. If you have had children, you may have Diastasis Recti which causes a pooch (there is help for the that, btw) and you may have extra skin which makes it even harder. 

Can you reduce the appearance of the size of your tummy? Yes. 

Will it take a ton of time and effort? Yes. 

Will you have to give up things you love all in the name of Abs? Yes. 

Is it worth it? That's up to you. 

What if you made peace with your pooch? What if instead of criticizing it, you praised it. What if you turned from negativity to neutrality? From hostility to acceptance (not resignation). What if you focused on the factors that increase belly fat (hormonal disrupters, relational stress, the wrong kinds of exercise, lack of movement, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of quality sleep, inadequate fluid intake, emotional eating) and practiced awareness of those factors and tackled them one by one until you developed a new sense of self and neutrality (dare I even say appreciation). How would that improve not only your physique, but your quality of life?

Making peace with your pooch will give you the ability to cultivate appreciation for your incredible body and move you one step closer to having a body AND life you Cherish!