4 in 5 women report low self-esteem and low self-confidence. Would you include yourself in that group?

  • Of those four in five women who report low self-esteem, almost all (89 percent) of them opt out of important activities such as engaging with friends and family and participating in activities outside of the house at least occasionally. Is that true for you?

  • What things have you opted out of recently? Or, if you haven’t opted out, have you shown up in an inauthentic or “partial” way (not your true self)?

  • What has opting out of certain events or showing up in an inauthentic way cost you throughout your life? And do you often feel shame about this that adds to the cost?

  • What do you think it would it feel like to be free from the need to hide? How do you think your life would be different if you could show up without fear, shame, or guilt?

What’s true for you now doesn’t have to be true for you always. 

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Meet Your Host

Kim Ludeman is a Confidence Coach and founder of Captivatingly Confident who delivers results to help women embrace their true self and show up bravely in their life!

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