• Why can’t I just do a closet clean out on my own? Why is this different?

Having me along for this process is like having a counselor for clothes. I provide a safe space for you to confront the emotions of parting with items like “what if” clothes, “skinny” clothes or “just In case” clothes.

And as anyone who has watched Marie Kondo knows, it can be emotional work making changes to your personal space and items. You CAN do it on your own. But do you want to and WILL you actually do it?

  • I have worked with a Personal Trainer before and had a bad experience. How is what you offer different from the trainers at my gym?

I spent seven years working as a Personal Trainer in the gym and know the politics and pressures placed on trainers to acquire paying clients. While I cannot speak for all trainers, I can speak for myself in saying that I do not focus on making you feel weak or out of shape.

I discover your strengths and help you find pleasure in them, so you enjoy moving your body for the rest of your life. I will not put my clients on a scale or do any body measurements such as circumference or body fat percentage. These do not benefit the client for the long term. If you wish to do before and after photos, that is fine. It can be a great way to view your progress.

  • How is Personal Styling any different than shopping with a friend?

Personal styling requires an understanding of the client's personality, presence, and passion so you can transfer that into an outfit that is flattering and fun. While shopping with your bestie is enjoyable, they may not have the expertise to style different body types, pattern mix, or understand color palettes. As a personal stylist, it is my job to be objective and to offer a professional opinion on how to dress your body confidently.

  • Do I really have to keep a food log for a week for my Nutrition Coaching session?

Yes. The reason for tracking your food for a week is to give us a baseline to work from. The more honest and real you can be about your eating habits, the more effective our time together will be.

  • I am out of state but REALLY want to do these sessions!! Do you offer online services too?

Yes! I offer all sessions online as well as in-person. Online can be trickier when it comes to the Personal Training but it can be done! I use Zoom for those one on one sessions.

  • Do you ever travel to peoples homes out of state or far away?

I do! You can book a full day experience with me where we put all these sessions together in one day. You can contact me directly for pricing: Kim@captivatinglyconfident.com.

  • Do you offer any small group Personal Training?

I do! If you are interested in doing small group training, please email me: Kim@captivatinglyconfident.com.

  • Do you have any kind of Money Back guarantee?

I am 100% committed to helping you feel more confident in your skin. If you complete sessions with me, have done the work, and are not satisfied, I will do whatever it takes to make sure you feel your investment has been worth it.

  • Do you offer any workshops or public speaking?

Absolutely!! You can contact me for scheduling: Kim@captivatinglyconfident.com