Closet Clean Out Sessions

These 90-minute sessions are a perfect way to go from feeling unorganized, overwhelmed, and frustrated to organized, relieved and confident.

We will spend a few minutes talking about the challenges you face with choosing outfits and what you want to be different for you about that process. Then it’s time for us to go through all of your clothes, create outfits and capsules and donate what you do not wish to keep.

What You get

  • CLOTHES COUNSELOR- You may feel vulnerable having someone in your private space. I TOTALLY understand and respect that. We will move at your pace and stop as needed. Closet clean outs are about more than just organizing. They are about letting go of what no longer serves you in your clothes, but also in the attitudes and stories that have held you back. This experience can be very liberating as you create space to truly step into what you want your image to be, not just what it should be or has been in the past.

  • CONFIDENT CLOSET SHEET - At the end of the session, you can expect to enjoy a simple organizational system that comes with closet dividers and hangers that keeps you in control of your closet. This sense of control removes the stress of choosing outfits and getting dressed for the day. You will also get a Confident Closet Sheet which will have your next steps, colors, styles and To Get lists so you have a plan for after the session.

  • EMPOWERMENT- This experience is very empowering, especially if you struggle with hoarding tendencies or find it difficult to keep other areas of your home organized. How you feel in your space has a HUGE impact on your inner confidence. Keeping your personal areas organized can help you feel incredibly confident.

Closet Clean Out Session

(90 minutes)

Online $127

In-Person $147*

* Within 10 miles of 97236. Additional fee for outlying areas. Additional sessions may be purchased.