Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching provides the one-on-one support and attention necessary for identifying what you want to achieve such as health, weight loss, fat loss, etc. It also helps you understand what it is that is stopping you from getting there. You will keep a 7-day food log prior to your appointment. We will go over this in detail to identify trigger foods, misaligned macros, and more.

We will also look at the mindset behind emotional eating, disordered eating, cravings, and addictions. I will help you translate the information into action that is sustainable and realistic.


  • ONE ON ONE SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY- I am here for you. I will not scold or judge you. What and how you eat are deeply personal, and I respect that. My role is to support you in the goals you have and work with you to implement shifts and strategies to get where you want to be. You also get unlimited email support.

  • SUSTAINABLE RESULTS- Regardless of your goal - weight and fat loss, getting healthier, ending mindless munching, etc. - I will help you learn how to get sustainable results. We will dive deep into what you have tried in the past and what stops you from maintaining lasting results. Each session is recorded so you can listen any time.

  • NO DIETS- I do not believe in diets, counting calories or macros, restriction, or demonizing food groups. My style of coaching is different than anything you have tried before and will deliver results. We follow the equation knowledge + mindset + coaching = success. I will help you be accountable and supported.

Nutrition Coaching

90 Minute In-Person or Online Initial Session $145

60 Minute Follow Up Sessions $97