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Personal Training Appointments

If you’re tired of trying to find the motivation to work out and exercise, then Personal Training is the answer. I believe in movement, not exercise. This shift in how you approach fitness brings fun and sustainability without relying on willpower and motivation to keep you commitment.

WHAT you get

  • PERSONALIZED ASSESSMENT- We will start with a physical evaluation of how you’re moving and what your goals are. Then we know what we need to do to get you there.

  • MOVEMENT ROAD MAP- When you try to stick with an exercise you don’t like, it’s nearly impossible to sustain. We will work together to find ways of moving that you enjoy so you can experience results that last. You will receive a Movement Road Map that gives you both short-term strategies as well as your next best steps.

  • SHOULD REMOVAL PDF- It’s easy to get trapped with unrealistic expectations of how your body "should" look. My job is to help you get rid of the "shoulds." I will help you create realistic expectations for your body but also challenge you to create new and different ones.

Initial Session

(90 minutes) $145

Additional Sessions

(60 minutes) $97