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For modern day, do-it-all women, it’s a revolutionary concept to stop hiding and actually live in your radiant confident self.

You’re here because you sense it. You can almost imagine what it would be like to show up in life how you WANT rather than how you SHOULD.

Reveal Your Radiance is all about helping you move from feeling frumpy, frustrated and fearful to feeling free and empowered.



…You can feel good in the body you have?

…You can fully love your life?

…You can find freedom from self-doubt?

…Your clothes can be an expression of your personality and radiance rather than something to hide behind?

…The need to do things perfectly actually sabotages your progress in living how you want?

…Your metabolism is not a problem to be defeated, but a way to learn more about yourself?

…You don’t need to eat less and move more to lose weight or get healthy?

…You can find more energy, mental space, time and joy right here and now?

Since having a baby (and quite honestly, even before), I have been beyond overwhelmed by my closet. So many pieces that didn’t fit well, weren’t my true style, too many options in general, and absolutely not organized. Kim walked me through visiting each piece and helped me let go of things that no longer needed to be in my closet. She gently guided the process, asking me questions that helped me decide if an item should stay or go. Now, looking at my closet, I see all my pieces that I love wearing all neatly organized and easy to pick from. I am EXCITED to get dressed this week, and SO thankful that Kim helped me create a wardrobe that brings me confidence.
— Jamie Howell, Closet Clean Out Client

I totally understand your frustration and longing to feel confident in your body and life. 

You may be hesitant because you have tried so many other programs/pills/plans in the past and nothing created lasting results for you.

You may feel tired of trying to find clear answers in the crowded internet space. You may feel frustrated that you’ve done so much work and you've invested so much money but you’re still here, looking for answers to feeling confident in your own body. 

I see you and your pain. I admire the courage it took to even read this far.

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These sessions are for busy women who:

  • Want to wake up excited to express their true selves through their clothes and body.

  • Desire to save time, money and stress trying to find clothes that make them feel confident.

  • Are ready to stop dieting and finally figure out what foods work for you and help you feel satisfied and energized.

  • Want one on one support and accountability to help keep you on track.

  • Want to learn to like their body as it is right now.

  • Who want to feel like they Have Enough Energy

  • Learn how to create healthy meals for everyone in their home on a budget and limited cooking time.

  • Let go of working out or exercising and adopting a movement mindset (no more gym!!!)

  • Are ready to Fully love the life you live

  • Increase your sex drive and improve your relationship with your partner/spouse

Kim is an amazing person! I went into this group with such a bad image of myself and a lot of self doubt. I honestly didn’t think I would have made it all the way, but I did! Kim and our small group have opened up my eyes to see that I’m not alone in how I feel. I’ve learned to accept and appreciate ME. I’ve learned that I have the power to change me by making better choices as well as accepting the skin I live in. I have the strength and courage, now, to say yes and no. I truly left feeling more confident than I ever have in my life and that means the world to me. Thank you, Kim, for your time and effort to creating a safe and positive space for women to learn and feel confident about ourselves.
— Krystle Rowlands, Small Group Client

What you get when you work with me:

  • Holistic radiance on the outside so you can create the space to feel confident on the inside. We will use Closet Clean Outs, Personal Styling, Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training to end the struggle of knowing what you should do and not doing it, empowering you to feel your best!

  • Unlimited Email and Voxer Support which will give you the ability to get one on one support and accountability that you want to feel successful and supported.

  • Access to Clients Only Facebook group. A private group of like minded women who are on a similar journey to yours. It’s another way to have safe space for feeling supported and finding accountability.

  • Worksheets for every session that make your next steps clear and easy to follow.

  • Assignments that will help you reveal your inner radiance and empower you to be YOU bravely!

You can expect to see 

  • That you are a radiant confident queen just as you are and you don’t need to hide anymore.

  • That living a life you love is within your power and ability.

  • A self-assurance that comes from being aware of what makes you unique and awesome.

  • A connection to yourself that fosters self-acceptance and appreciation.

  • An increase in your time and presence with your friends and family without feeling the tug to compare yourself.

  • A cleaner more empowering closet that doesn’t cause stress or low energy.

  • A clearer understanding of how food can be your friend, not something you have to constantly be restricting or saying no to.

Utilizing my passion and knowledge of Personal Style, Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training, I help you reveal your radiance and find your confidence. We use these tools to reveal your outer confidence while simultaneously working on the inner confidence. You can learn more about each session and how to bundle and save below:

I hired Kim Ludeman to help me clean out my closet! I knew I needed to get rid of about half of my clothes - I’ve got stuff from ten years ago, stuff from before having a baby, and from when we lived in Hawaii. It was so hard for me to get rid of anything on my own though! I kept thinking “what if I need this someday??” Having Kim there made it so much easier to get rid of the clothes that no longer serve me or fit me or bring me joy! And wow! What a difference 2 hours with Kim has made!

Now my closet only has the clothes I love and it’s going to be much easier (and more fun!) to pick out outfits. Kim even showed me how to mix and match everything. She gave me ideas I never thought of before! Thank you Kim!!!
— Jaimie Eck, Closet Clean Out Client

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Closet Clean Outs

These 90-minute sessions are a perfect way to go from feeling unorganized, overwhelmed, and frustrated to organized, relieved and confident. They are also a fabulous way to raise the energetic vibration and feel of your clothes so you can truly shine.

I knew I needed to organize and get rid of clothes. I felt vulnerable. But Kim was amazing and honored wherever I could go and just enough grace to nudge me out of my comfort zone. It was relieving once I was done. Yes didn’t know I had “mental weight” on my shoulders about my closet! I got great care and loving honesty to direct me to make better choices. I loved my session.
— Akemi McKee, Closet Clean Out Client

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Personal Styling

Personal styling is all about finding new styles, prints, patterns, and colors that make you feel more confident and showcase your personality. It’s about helping you find the style you feel is missing in your life. Using my unique Personal Style Questionnaire, we work together to break you out of your fashion rut and find what makes you shine.

I have struggled with body image issues, food socialization issues, and weight my whole life. At my heaviest, I was a size 16 as a high school junior. I had tried everything and had some success with popular programs counting points or drinking shakes. But then I met Kim. She taught me about real food, how to feed my body, how to move my body so it made sense, but most of all she changed my mind. I don’t know where I would be without Kim. Today, I am an active mom of two, a distance runner, weightlifter, and real food eater. Listen to Kim, she knows what she’s talking about.
— Mo Hawthorn, Nutrition Coaching Client


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching provides the one-on-one support and attention necessary for identifying what you want to achieve such as health, weight loss, fat loss, etc. It also helps you understand what it is that is stopping you from getting there. You will keep a 7-day food log prior to your appointment. We will use this in detail to identify trigger foods, misaligned macros and more.

“Kim has been incredibly helpful to me over the years! She has used her wide range of knowledge and wisdom to tailor-make a program that works with my body’s specific needs. Her holistic, reasonable, approach to exercise, nutrition and emotions has been a gift to me and worth every penny!”
— Connie Baker, Personal Training and Nutrition Client

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Personal Training

If you’re tired of trying to find the motivation to work out and exercise, then Personal Training is the answer. I believe in movement, not exercise. This shift in how you approach fitness brings fun and sustainability without relying on willpower and motivation to keep you commitment.

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My name is Kim Ludeman and I am Your Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & Personal Stylist here to help you get the much needed confidence boost you have been looking for! Think of me as sort of a fairy godmother of confidence ;)

My mom, Chris, used to hide her body in unflattering clothes and suffered from low self-esteem. Her stress level was always at max capacity and she lived on junk food and “diet” products. She struggled to receive compliments and praise and always put herself last.

After she passed away from cancer at age 44, I decided that I wanted to help re-write her legacy by helping other women find their confidence and to be YOU bravely! I love seeing women achieve fabulous results and watching them transform before my eyes. I have spent over a decade helping thousands of men and women discover their confidence.

I am passionate about helping busy women just like you stop hiding their true self so they can show up confidently and radiantly in their life!

I have been in a shopping/clothing rut basically since becoming a mom. I tried online stylists but didn’t feel heard and underwhelmed with the whole thing. I was excited to try in-person and Kim did not disappoint. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she picked awesome pieces. She made me comfortable enough to let her know when I wasn’t in love with something and she gave her honest opinion about things as well, which I very much appreciate. She helped me try things out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.
— Crystal Ovalle, Personal Styling Client

I invite you to invest in yourself in a new way. A way that will leave you feeling supported, seen and surprised with how amazing and confident you can feel in your own body. This work is not for everyone, so please consider carefully if you’re ready to stop hiding yourself and reap the benefits of feeling radiant and confident.


When you’re ready, click below to get started.