Tara Schnell, LuLaRoe Retailer

I would just like to say that I have been a part of Captivatingly Confident since it has started. I was also a member of the first small group that Kim facilitated! Guys - it was life changing! This group gives you a glimpse of some of the transformation that truly starts to happen! Kim is amazing! She listens, encourages and most of all gives you the tools you need to really apply those changes to your life. The small group is kept completely confidential! I love this page and the community that Kim is striving to build. What better way than through bravery and confidence!!!

Becky Gaddis, Registered Nurse

Being in the Captivatinly Confident small group has helped me grow as a person and make better choices for myself (in an emotional sense, as well as food and exercise). Kim is absolutely one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people I know. I am leaving he small group with the confidence that I can and will continue to make choices for myself that keep me what I consider healthy.

-Becky Gaddis, Registered Nurse

Krystle Rowlands, Registered Nurse

Kim is an amazing person! I went into this group with such a bad image of myself and a lot of self doubt. I honestly didn’t think I would have made it all the way, but I did! Kim and our small group have opened up my eyes to see that I’m not alone in how I feel. I’ve learned to accept and appreciate ME. I’ve learned that I have the power to change me by making better choices as well as accepting the skin I live in. I have the strength and courage, now, to say yes and no. I truly left feeling more confident than I ever have in my life and that means the world to me. Thank you, Kim, for your time and effort to creating a safe and positive space for women to learn and feel confident about ourselves.

-Krystle Rowlands, Registered Nurse

Mo Hawthorn, Sports Marketing Legal Counsel

I have struggled with body image issues, food socialization issues, and weight my whole life. At my heaviest, I was a size 16 as a high school junior. I had tried everything and had some success with popular programs counting points or drinking shakes. But then I met Kim. She taught me about real food, how to feed my body, how to move my body so it made sense, but most of all she changed my mind. I don't know where I would be without Kim. Today, I am an active mom of two, a distance runner, weightlifter, and real food eater. Listen to Kim, she knows what she's talking about.

- Mo Hawthorn, Sports Marketing Legal Counsel

Anita Hodges, Business and Life Coach

"I've known Kim for years and have watched her career progress closely. Kim is a born leader and a woman who follows her heart, her values and her passion with intense resolve. I would venture to say that nearly every woman struggles with body shame. Some cover their bodies up, some work them out relentlessly or starve themselves - but the amount of women suffering from body shame is overwhelming. In Kim's casual, approachable way, she welcomes women into self-love while helping them make choices that are HEALTHY, not hurtful to their bodies. Kim is raw and vulnerable - women relate to her, heck, I relate to her.  She's a blessing and a source of hope and courage to anyone who has the joy of knowing her."

- Anita Hodges, Business and Life Coach

Kalena Lorrain Chavez, Beauty Educator

"Captivatingly Confident is so much more than just a business. It's a lifestyle, a frame of mind-of-soul and life's calling for Kim. Never will you meet a woman more dedicated and sincere in the task of helping women see their most beautiful selves. While she is not only knowledgeable, she has a contagious joy and energy, and really works with you in the most personalized way! Her passion and know-how really make her the perfect combo of cheerleader and mentor and gets you the ultimate result- CONFIDENCE! She is a dream to work with, (I can't say that enough) and I would highly recommend her services."

- Kalena Lorrain Chavez, Professional Beauty Educator

Anne Kearny, Caregiver

"Kim Ludeman has the heart of a teacher. I have been in her true health talks community for over a year. Kim always delivers a truthful and loving message. During college, I experienced loss and used food as a source of comfort. I didn’t like the skin I was living in for a long time. In the community group, Kim encouraged us to do what we love today. Now I take long walks and practice yoga. Thanks to Kim I also eat without the distractions of media. I’m truly thankful to Kim and this group."

Anne Kearny, Caregiver

Catherine Gustafson, Child Educator

"I grew up as the “fat” kid. I was teased every day in elementary school. At holiday time my brother, who was perfectly thin, would get the treats and candy. I didn’t. This created a warped body image that I clung to well into adulthood. Six and a half years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. My mom had died five years before from complications from the same disease. I made a lifestyle change and began to walk every day and changed the way that I was eating. On a Black Friday watching periscope, I discovered Kim selling Lularoe. I was instantly captivated by her positivity. I was excited to watch her True Health talks. As I have come to accept my body and its faults, which I am quick to see, Kim was talking about the importance to see the positives. It has helped me to accept all of me...the good and the not so good. She is cheering me on as I continue to walk and work to be diabetic free. She doesn’t judge my body faults but is encouraging to the lifestyle that I am living. Kim, thank you for all that you do for each of us." 

Catherine Gustafson, Child Educator

Laura Hurley, Preschool teacher

"Kim has such an uplifting spirit, just being around her is refreshing to the soul. Not only that, but she knows her stuff! It’s been an honor to be part of something this extraordinary. Captivatingly confident is helping me to recognize things I never saw in myself and learn new ways to grow from within. Kim is the ultimate guide to helping you identify strengths as well as areas to grow at your own pace."

- Laura Hurley, Preschool Teacher