Alison Brown, MOB Chapter Leader


 Kim Ludeman came to my home and did one of her closet clean out sessions with me. I got rid of 3 bags of clothes and shoes!!!!! She helped me figure out what flattered me and what didn’t, what went together, what colors worked best on me and what pieces I needed to add.

I am so grateful to Kim!! Seriously this is life changing stuff! Kim was amazing and made me feel so comfortable and was honest (in a very kind way) about what didn’t work.

She helped me organize my closet so it was easy to get ready. I’ve had more confidence putting on outfits the past couple days than ever before.

If you change your outfit multiple times because nothing fits right or doesn’t make you feel great or if you aren’t sure what to wear, you need Kim!! When she opens these sessions up to the public, you better grab your time slot fast!!