There was a little girl who believed she could do anything. She twirled, danced and her whole face lit up when she smiled. She had a sparkle and joy that was contagious.

But as she grew, she learned that she wasn’t enough. She was shown that her body wasn’t desirable and that her thoughts and feelings were unwanted. She was told to that she wasn’t worthy of her dreams and that she should work harder in life.

Slowly but surely, she lost her sparkle. Her smile faded and she started to hide. She learned how to hide her feelings, needs, desires and dreams. She found that putting on a brave face and pretending were the way to survive.

She tried diets and pills, shakes and workouts. She thought, maybe if she made herself smaller or more attractive, that she could feel the way she felt so long ago. She longs for the confidence to be herself bravely, but the self she knows isn’t one she likes.

She is stuck in a rut and feels like she has tried everything. Her future seems full of disappointment and living under the heavy weight of self-destructive behaviors. She longs to be seen and known, but terrified of being rejected, judged or dismissed. She is terrified of looking at pictures of herself and the inevitable criticism that will follow.

She is missing out on so many things! Wearing the clothes that she wants. Smiling contently into the camera. Being unapologetically her. Modeling self-acceptance for her children. Her dreams and desires pushed down- out of sight, out of mind. Missing out on being known. Wasting precious resources on things that won’t bring the confidence she hopes.

If only she could re-discover that little girl, self-assured and confident in who she was. What if there was a way she could re-discover an appreciation for her amazing self? What if she could peel back the layers of others opinions and expectations, shame and guilt, limiting beliefs, lies she has been told to reveal her own kind of confidence???

What if there was someone who could identify with your struggles? Someone who had overcome the very struggles you feel stuck on? A woman who was passionate about helping women find their inner confidence? A guide who could walk along side them and provide a safe place to process the sadness of what has happened to her. Someone who could offer insight, knowledge and experience into stepping out of the shadows and into the radiance of YOU?

That is what Individual Sessions are for. Together, we work on raising your awareness of what you WANT and what has stopped you from getting there. We practice self-acceptance and appreciation for what you have gone through and what makes you so incredibly you. You start to find that you are indeed WORTHY of happiness, joy and hope. You learn how to practice self-assuredness and re-claim the confidence that has been there all along.

You are in control of the process. You dictate how quickly you move from the space of being stuck to being free. I simply provide the framework, space and guidance you have been looking for.

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Individual coaching sessions are life changing! My role is to help guide you on the path to:

  • Help balancing it all- Health, time, family- life

  • Staying consistent among the busy mom/business schedules, managing everything and everyone before your own self-care

  • Motivation and getting started with new habits/routines and implementing changes

  • A way to stop Struggling with staying ON-track or on plan/Program

  • Support to implement the mindset shifts you know you need but can’t seem to make

  • Understanding Short term satisfaction vs long term and the guilt and shame associated with it

  • Making a plan for difficult situations, work, family gatherings, vacation and holidays

  • Breaking dependence On food

Now is the time, sister. I invite you to join me for a complimentary Clarity Call where you can be seen and heard. We will talk about what you want in your life and what has stopped you from getting there. We will talk about what you have tried and what isn’t working for you and how I can help you get there.

If you are ready to take the first step in becoming Captivatingly Confident, sign up below:

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